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SecurePDF from AlphaPlus 

SecurePDF is a web-based system which provides time-controlled release of secure electronic examination documents to examination centres.

Reduce your distribution costs for exam papers by sending electronic secure documents to centres.

Key benefits

  • Reduce or remove the costs of distributing examination documents to centres both in the UK and internationally.
  • Improve the security of examination documents both in-transit and while at the centre. Every examination document is encrypted and password-protected with user-specific access codes, and watermarked with the centre and centre administrator identification.
  • Retain complete control over when examination documents are available to centres for download using configurable download “windows”.
  • Retain a complete audit trail of downloads, users and centres for each set of examination documents.

Arrange a demo

If you feel that SecurePDF may be of benefit to your organisation and you would like more information or even a live demonstration of the system, please contact Gillian Whitehouse

Email Gillian

Phone: 07881361718